Oi Frog! series by Kes Gray and Jim Field




‘Oi Frog!, Sit on a log!’ said the cat.

‘But I don’t want to sit on a log’ said the frog.

‘I don’t care’ said the cat. ‘You’re a frog, so you must sit on a log’

We were excited with the hilarious children’s picture book ‘Oi Frog’ where the cat teaches the frog what each animal should sit on. The frog who must sit on a log protests; everyone knows how knobbly and uncomfortable logs can be or how they can give you splinters in your bottom! But rules are rules as the cat says and the rules in the fascinating Oi series books written by the talented author Kes Gray and amazingly illustrated by Jim Field dictate that if it doesn’t rhyme, it doesn’t sit there. All fine until the frog asks the painful question ‘What do dogs sit on?’ and the cat reveals that dogs sit on… frogs!

The frog returns in the next book ‘Oi Dog!’ and decides to change those rules and in that way he takes his revenge on cats who used to sit on lovely comfy mats but now will sit on gnats! Ouch! In addition, the frog has bears sit on stairs, pigs sit on wigs and boars sit on oars. While everything has to rhyme again in the new froggy style rule, the smart frog keeps for himself a wonderful sun lounger to sit on, leaving the cat and the dog speechless!

The delightful rhyming story continues with the sequel ‘Oi Cat!’ where dingoes, crows, ponies, shrimps, alpacas and larks among others wait their turn to be attributed a thing to sit on by the master of the rules, the frog. But the mischievous cat wonders what would happen if instead of a cat called himself a mog? He wonders what could possibly rhyme with mog? Hmmm… Guess what!

‘Oi Goat!’ is a mini series specially created for the World Book Day 2018 and here the frog teaches the goat what each animal should wear for that special day! The latest book of the series, ‘Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!’ is a amusing challenge for our hero, the frog, to prove how good he is at rule-rhyme making. Where will lobsters, kookaburras, hippopotamuses, budgerigars and of course duck-billed platypus sit on? The names of these animals are impossible-to-rhyme so what can the frog do for them? Do find out by getting the whole series which is not only a great read but a feast for the eyes, too.



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