You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus by Patricia Cleveland-Peck


I told my Nutbown Hare that you can’t take an elephant on the bus but he kept pushing him anyway! A humorous, imaginative picture book with vibrant caricature like illustrations by David Tazzyman and catchy rhyming narration by Patricia Cleveland-Peck. It is more like a book with practical advice for little readers who would dream of entering a taxi with a seal-driver or ask their whale to ride a bike or even be tempted to get on a train with their pet tiger.

Nor should a tiger travel by train.

Think of the panic. Think of the pain.

Tigers are built to spring and leap.

Think of the passengers half-asleep.


We liked it because it explains in all serious tone the disasters that may be caused if all those animals travelled in these unexpected vehicles . It is recommended for preschoolers and adults who enjoy a good laugh.



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